Ramayana Tour

RAMAYANA Tour – 3 Nights Four Days


To start after breakfast (8 am); Visit Kelani Buddhist temple

Kelaniya is a sacred site for every Buddhist in Sri Lanka, since Buddha paid a visit to this site. The stupa has been enshrined with the gem studded chair, which Buddha sat and preached to the community. The Image house has 4 divisions, with paintings from the Kandyan period, having one of the oldest reclining Buddha statue in Sri Lanka, the murals on the most important events which occurred for the growth of Buddhism in Sri Lanka , which are the Bo sapling brought to Sri Lanka by Nun Sangamitha in the 3rd century BC and the Tooth relic of Buddha brought by Princess Hemamala and Prince Danthain the 4th century AD. Kelaniya temple gets its name from the Kelaniya River flowing in the lower terrace of the temple. The annual pageant is in January. This is the location where prince Rama coronated prince Vibishana as king before returning to India with Princess Sita.


Muneshwaram temple

 Muneshwaram is approximately 83Km from Colombo, It is located north of Colombo. This is one of the oldest Shiva temples in Sri Lanka. Temple is open from 6am to 8 pm. Two festivals in February and August. At Muneswaram, Prince Rama, after praying to God Shiva realized he has committed a crime, therefore as a penance for the murder of King Ravana, who was a Brahmin. A shiva lingam was ordered to be built by God Shiva.


Manavari Temple

Manavari Temple is 90 Km from Colombo, located north of Colombo. It is at tis temple that, Prince Rama built the first Shiva Lingam as a penance for the death of King Ravana.  This lingam is called “ Ramalingam” since Prince Rama built it by himself.sit Manavari Temple. The annual festival is for 10 days in July. The temple is open from 6.30am to 12.30 p.m, and  from 4.00 to 7.00 p.m

Dinner and Overnight Stay In Kandy hotel…………………………





After Breakfast a city tour of Kandy. Proceed from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya enroute visiting the Sri Baktha Hanuman temple at Ramboda and a tea factory;


Sri Bhaktha Hanuman Temple was built by the Chinmaya mission, it is at this place God Hanuman rested on the search of Princes sita. There is a 16 foot statue of God Hanuman made of rock. On every full moon day there is a special ceremony.

Dinner and overnight stay in Nuwara Eliya Hotel……………………………..





After breakfast proceed from Nuwara Eliya to visit the Sita Aman temple

Sita Amman temple

Sita Amman Temple is approximately 164 Km from Colombo, it is located in the  central province. This is the location, Princss Sita lived. There is a stream adjoining this temple. Today, you will find the statues of Princess Sita, God Rama, God Lakshmana and God Hanuman. You will also find the foot print of God Hanuman on the nearby rock with the stram.

 Hakgala Botanical Gardens; to  Isthripura/ Koda katu gala  via Welimada;


Istripura means the city wher ladies lived. Sita Devi was shifted here when , King Ravana understood that God Hanuman has visited Sri Lanka in the search for Princess Sita.  After a bath princess Sita would sit on the rock and dry her hair, after wards she would fix the hair clips back on her hair.

Visit Divurumpola temple;

Divurumpola is 213Km from Colombo, located in the central province. This is the location Princess Sita proved her chastity to Prince Rama.

Lunch at Ella………………………………Thereafter proceed to Bandarawela .



 In the afternoon, visit Ella. Ravana Ella Cave

Ravana Caves

Ravana caves are 208 Km from Colombo, located in the Uva province of Sri Lanka Ravana Caves are This is the entrance to the cave , it is a trek of approximately 45 minutes. These cave leads to many tunnels, which were man made. These were constructed during King Ravana’s period.

 Dinner and Overnight stay in Bandarawela




After breakfast proceed to Colombo via Ratnapura and Sitawaka, Aviswsawella.

Lunch at Belihul oya

Colombo city tour and shopping

Transfer to Airport for departure 

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